Official  Scuderia Ferrari Club for London


SCUDERIA FERRARI CLUB LONDON  is an Official Ferrari Club Member of Scuderia Ferrari Club, a Ferrari Company that supports Ferarri Fans’ Passion. SCUDERIA FERRARI CLUB LONDON  is a not-for-profit Club based in London, part of the network of 150 Clubs ( in 16 nations) officially recognised by SCUDERIA FERRARI CLUB a consortium company founded in 2006 by Ferrari S.p.A. to coordinate the activities of the Scuderia’s many Tifosi which had formed clubs around the world.


Scuderia Club London has been established as a limited company by guarantees on 2013 and since than has operated a Official Scuderia Ferrari Club for London and the rest of United Kingdom.

To promote the passion for Ferrari and, more generally, for motorsport, through Scuderia Ferran Club s.c.a.r.l, the service company for the official clubs of Ferrari fans around the world, through which its members have the opportunity to participate in activities organised especially for them, such as factory visits, official events organised by Ferrari SpA, discounts on Ferrari products at Ferrari Stores and online, as well as official entry at a reduced cost to the Ferrari museum in Maranello and many other activities & services.

Our Mission

Who we are

When you join our OFFICIAL CLUB, you become part of a huge extended family which, under the prestigious emblem of the Prancing Horse, allows them to avail of exclusive services and opportunities such as taking part in Passion Days which bring together fans with the Formula 1 drivers and team, Factory Tours of the Maranello facility, access to reserved grandstands at the Italian Grand Prix, entry to the Ferrari Museums in both Modena and Maranello and complimentary access to the online community at www.ferrari.com which provides live news updates about company life and sporting activities.


THE SCUDERIA FERRARI CLUB reflects the “sporting” soul of every Tifoso, organising a wide range of activities for affiliated Clubs, including the Scuderia Ferrari Club Soap Box Championship, a fun competition between gravity-powered vehicles built by the members themselves, the Karting Championship and the Scuderia Ferrari Club Football Team which plays other teams including the Nazionale Piloti.


Members also enjoy the opportunity to attend exclusive exhibitions by the F1 Show Car and emulate their favourite Scuderia team members in pit-stop challenges or by racing virtual F1 and GT cars in the simulators at the Ferrari Virtual Academy.


All members receive a series of unique gifts designed for “Genuine Tifosi”: a personal MEMBERSHIP CARD, personalised lanyard and other exclusive collector’s items. That aside, they become part of the extended Ferrari family and receive significant discounts on purchases in the Ferrari Stores and when shopping online at www.ferraristore.com.

Club Activity

Executive Committe

President: Michela Sola

Mob: +44 7576712450


Director: Efrem Sagrada

Mob: +39 3356160378

Mob: +44 7341215815


Director: Alessandro Vasta

Mob: +39 3936544408

Club Secretariat

General Secretary: Gianni Ferrari

Mob: +44 7586737118